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27 Sep 2022 | Curriculum Development , PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

PLA materials on cell-based learning

The PLA has published a new set of materials to support cell-based prison education. Developed by Claire Collins for the PLA, the materials focus on education approaches and resources that can be used by teachers to support cell-based learning.

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13 Aug 2021 | PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

PLA and UCU Publish a New Report on the Experiences of Prison Teachers

‘Prison education is a neglected area, in society generally and within post-secondary education. Yet we have a large – and growing – prison population, whose educational needs are as great as any. For individuals and for wider society, education can play a crucial part in enabling their rehabilitation and subsequent reintegration. Teachers in prison have […]


08 Jul 2020 | PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

New PLA Briefing: Digital Technology in Prisons

The Prisoner Learning Alliance has published a new briefing, The Digital Divide: Lessons from prisons abroad.

The briefing looks at effective uses of digital technology in prison education around the world from Spain and Australia, including examples such as in-cell tablets and virtual-reality headsets. Projects in other countries demonstrate that it is possible to provide safe, secure, restricted intranet and internet access to prisoners.

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01 Apr 2020 | PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

Introducing the PLA In-Cell Activity Hub

When prisons are in lock-down, people spend a lot of time in their cells with no access to face-to-face activities. The InCellActivityHub contains creative, unique resources  contributed by organisations and individuals for PEF providers and prison staff to download and print.

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