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17 Sep 2020 | Digital Technology , Events , PLA conference

How is HMPPS supporting the delivery of education during lockdown?

Sarah Fitzgerald, Head of Education Quality at HMPPS, kicked off this year’s PLA conference with an update on how HMPPS is supporting education during lockdown. We provide an overview of Sarah’s key points. 

06 Aug 2020 | Events

Webinar with Jamie Grundy on using convictions as a USP

Jamie Grundy, trainer and educator in prison and higher education joins Rod Clark, Chief Executive of the Prisoner’s Education Trust to discuss using convictions as a USP when supporting individuals into employment and higher education.

04 Aug 2020 | Monitoring and Evaluation

PLA submits evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

We believe that education is a human right to which all people are entitled, regardless of age or sociocultural background, which is why we recently submitted evidence on education in prison during lockdown.

Prison peer mentor helping another man to access a computer

23 Jul 2020 | Events

Webinar with Phil Martin, reflections on employment

Phil Martin, founder of the Ex-Seed employment agency and ex-prisoner, speaks with Penny Parker, founder of prisoner employment charity Stand Out. Phil reflects back on his time in prison and setting up a prisoner’s careers service. He has continued his work post-release and has also published three books.

15 Jul 2020 | Digital Technology , Events

Webinar with Christine Franklin, assistive technology in prison education

In this webinar Christine Franklin discusses her research in the field of assistive technology with Professor Tom Schuller, head of The Prisoner Learning Alliance. She speaks about how it can be used to assist learners in prison, particularly those with learning difficulties and those who don’t speak English as a first language.

15 Jul 2020 | Events

Webinar with Rebecca Perry, The National Literacy Trust

In this Webinar Rod Clark, Chief Executive of the Prisoner’s Education Trust, joins Rebecca Perry from The National Literacy Trust (NTC). Although relatively new to criminal justice, The National Literacy Trust’s projects have had a great impact on prisoner learning; Rebecca outlines their successes and discusses how the organisation will continue to support prison learning in the future.

15 Jul 2020 | Events

Webinar with Rowan MacKenzie: Shakespeare and prison learning

In this Wednesday Webinar we hear from Rowan MacKenzie about her inspiring work, bringing Shakespeare into prisons. She speaks with Jess Plant, director of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance, about forming prison-based theatre groups across the UK and her plans to continue transforming prison learning moving forward.

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