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15 Jul 2020 | Events , Uncategorised

Webinar with Angela Cairns, former CEO of Shannon Trust

In our first Wednesday Webinar we hear from Angela Cairns former CEO of Shannon Trust, a charity delivering vital literacy education to those incarcerated in the UK. She speaks with Professor Tom Schuller about challenges related to delivering prison education and the importance of amplifying prisoner voices. 

08 Jul 2020 | Digital Technology

New PLA briefing on digital technology in prisons

The Prisoner Learning Alliance has published a new briefing, The Digital Divide: Lessons from prisons abroad.

The briefing looks at effective uses of digital technology in prison education around the world from Spain and Australia, including examples such as in-cell tablets and virtual-reality headsets. Projects in other countries demonstrate that it is possible to provide safe, secure, restricted intranet and internet access to prisoners.

06 Jul 2020 | Digital Technology

Guest blog by Rod Anderson, CEO of Code4000: “There is a clear transformative effect on our students”

Code4000 teaches coding skills to people in prison, helping people with convictions to find employment upon release whilst also helping to fill the nationwide shortage in coding and technology-related skills. In this blog, Code4000’s CEO Rod Anderson talks about the impact of their workshops, as well as some of the challenges they come across in delivering their work.

24 Jun 2020 | Digital Technology , Monitoring and Evaluation

PLA submits evidence to Education Select Committee

In May, the PLA submitted written evidence to the Education Select Committee on the impact of Covid-19 on education and children’s services. Read our full submission here.

01 Apr 2020 | Uncategorised

In-Cell Activity Hub

When prisons are in lock-down, people spend a lot of time in their cells with no access to face-to-face activities. The InCellActivityHub contains creative, unique resources  contributed by organisations and individuals for PEF providers and prison staff to download and print.

16 Jan 2020 | Digital Technology

DPS maximum contract length increased to two years

The Ministry of Justice have extended the maximum length of Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) contracts to two years, a move called for by the Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA).

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