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Education helps me get through my sentence in a positive way, has shown me talents and skills I didn’t know I had. I plan to continue to pursue my studies after my release for a balanced and productive life.

The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) brings together organisations and individuals with the following vision and mission:

Vision: That all prisoners can engage in high-quality and diverse learning opportunities to help them transform their lives.

Mission: To provide expertise and strategic vision to inform prison education priorities, policies and practices.

The PLA will do this through the following 7 objectives:

  1. Agenda Setting: To engage constructively with, and exercise a responsible influence on, opinion formers in shaping policy and practice debates in prison education.
  2. Holding Government to Account: To monitor the implementation of policy and practice on prison education and hold the Government and other relevant stakeholders to account in order to improve outcomes for prisoners.
  3. Networking and Practice Sharing: To gather, share, promote and feedback on good practice and learning on prison education, as identified by high-quality evidence, including undertaking research where funding has been secured.
  4. Communications and Public Affairs: To communicate and engage with key audiences and stakeholders (including commissioners, policy makers, prison governors, staff, prisoners and the public) to raise the profile of the benefits of prison education, and the solutions to removing barriers and improving practice.
  5. Promoting Learner Voice: Enabling the voices of prisoner learners and potential learners to be heard more widely and their views effectively used to drive changes in prison education practice, policy and research.
  6. Uniting the Voice of the Sector: To serve as a common voice and community for those interested in achieving our vision, through regular communications and networking opportunities.
  7. Operations and Good Governance: To ensure effective, appropriate and proportionate operations and good governance to support the achievement of Objectives 1-6.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: In addition to these objectives, the PLA is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion – both in people and operational delivery – and to monitoring our progress in this area. The Chair is responsible for ensuring that this is implemented and providing feedback to PET and the Steering Committee on progress made.

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